Calendar of Events 2017

January17Hands On   Tony Baxter: Bangles & Pendants
February7Hands On   Rob Sheehan: Sharpening Tools
 21DemonstrationRobert Till
March7Hands OnJohn Evans: Seed Pots
 21DemonstrationRobin Barlow
April4Hands OnPat Hanley: Hollowing
 18DemonstrationNick Adams
May2Hands On 



 16DemonstrationGary Rance
June6Hands OnBarry Morley: Stickware


Hinckley Market Stall

 20Hands OnSteve Obrien: Pyrography
July4Hands OnRob Sheehan: Pen Turning


UK & Ireland Woodturning Symposium

 18Hands OnRob Sheehan: Pepper Mills
August1Hands On 
 15Hands OnJohn Thompson: Colouring/Finishing
September5Hands OnJohn Thompson: Colouring/Finishing
October3Hands OnTBD
 17DemonstrationJohn Bradbury
November7Hands OnTBD
 21DemonstrationMick Hanbury

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Next Demonstration

Tuesday 16th May    Gary Rance

Axminster Events at Axminster Nuneaton.

Saturday 27th May    Band saw boxes with Alex Richardson

UK & Ireland Woodturning Symposium

Saturday/Sunday 15/16th July at Hilton Hotel in Coventry
Note - this is an all ticket event. See the UKIWS web site for details.